942477 : What Is Limiting Your Engine Air Flow: Using Normalized Steady Air Flow Bench Data
12/01/1994, Data from steady air-flow bench tests is made more useful during engine design and development when they are normalized for critical geometric parameters. The procedure is illustrated in the study described here. Using...Author(s): Daniel D. Agnew

983049 : Engineering An Optimum Air-Flow Subsystem for Your Engine
11/16/1998, The process and the tools that are used for engineering an optimum engine air-flow subsystem are critical for the successful execution of an engine program. From the perspective of the Air-Flow Subsystem Engineer, the ... Author(s): Daniel D. Agnew, Edward R. Romblom

2004-01-3512 : Engineering a Composite Intake Manifold for the Performance Aftermarket
11/30/2004, Historically, the intake manifold for the automotive engine application has evolved from a crude cast iron machined component to the highly engineered and precision-manufactured component of today. In the high-volume... Author(s): Daniel D. Agnew, G. Jay Rohrback

2004-01-3542 : Coolant Flow Optimization in a Racing Cylinder Block and Head Using CFD Analysis and Testing
11/30/2004, Coolant flow absorbs heat generated from engine combustion, and continued efficient heat transfer is crucial in high-performance racing engines to provide maximum engine power and durability. Any potentially stagnant ... Author(s): Daniel D. Agnew, Jim Covey, Jian Ye

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